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Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

FAQ Mengenai Supplement

Q: Is taking nutritional supplements necessary?
A: Well, the answer is yes. Never have we being exposed to so much much pollution before. Life is certainly more hectic and stressful today compared to 20 or 30 years ago. The quality of food is not the same as before because of environmental pollution. It's now a scientific fact that we cannot hope to get all the nutrients our body needs through meals alone. Nutritional supplementation is even more vital for those with poor eating habits. Diets laden with caffeine, fat, cholestrol, sugar, and sodium deplete the body's reserves of nutrients. Drinking and smoking interfere with nutrient absorption. Other nutrients robbers are antibiotics, drugs, and laxatives.

Q: Why is it that we cannot get all the nutrients the body needs from our meals?
A: The nutrient content of foods fluctuate widely, depending on a number of factors. How the food is prepared will affect the nutritional value of food. We also have to take into consideration the quality of the food. For example, fruits and vegetables grown on the soil that are depleted of selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium and other minerals will not contain a rich supply of nutrients. Artificial fertilisers used to increase crop yields will affect the quality of fruits and vegetables. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, addictives, preservatives, ripening agents and waxes sprayed on fruits and vegetables are toxic chemicals that rob the food of it's nutrients.

Q: Is the nutrient content of fruits what we expect it to be?
A: Fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients from the moment they are picked. Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables - particularly the imported ones - have actually been picked, then stored, then shipped, then stored again possibly for weeks or months. Then we may cook them, or at least cut them. All these actions cause nutrients loss. The vitamin C content of guavas for example may fall drastically after only one or two months. Green vegetables suffer even more - they lose most of their vitamin C after only a few days of being stored at room temperature. Everyone knows that orange juice is high in vitamin C. But few realise that an orange can lose as much as 30% of its vitamins C soon after it is squeezed.

Q: Is nutritional supplementation necessary if I take home-cooked food?
A: It is still necessary for all the reasons mentioned above. The way you prepare and cook your food determines to a large extent how much is your need for supplementation. If you are highly-stressed; for example you are holding a high-stress job, then your need for supplementationis even more acute. It is a documented fact that a body under stress, depletes its store of vitamins and minerals more rapidly.

Q: When is the best time to take vitamin supplements.
A: Vitamin supplements are best taken at mealtime, along with your food. This is to increase absorption. It is also important to know that the body can absorb and use only so much of a vitamin or mineral at one time. For better utilisation and to prevent wastage of vitamins, try to spread your dosage over the course of the day.

Q: How will I know that the vitamin supplements are working?
A: People taking supplements for general good health and disease prevention usually feel better after taking them for a period of time. They get fewer cold attacks, have more energy, and enjoy a great sense of well being. When you are taking vitamin supplements for a specific condition, you will know they are working when your condition improves. If you have high blood pressure, you might take extra calcium, magnesium and garlic plus of course a modified diet. Then if your blood pressure improves, you will know that the nutrients are working. It is important to realise that vitamin supplements do not work overnight. If you are nervous and irritable today and take a B-complex vitamin tonight, do not expect to feel calm and serene tomorrow. You must give vitamins time to work. In general, don't expect to feel the beneficial effects until at least three to four weeks.

Q: Can vitamin supplements cause harm?
A: It is a scientific fact that only a few vitamins and minerals have any known toxicity level. Even then, the amounts needed to reach toxic levels are astronomically enormous. So there is no risk of any harmful effects.

Q: Will the body grow dependant on large amounts of vitamins and minerals after a period of time?
A: There is no convincing evidence on this. It its, however, common sense not to stop anything 'cold turkey'  (abruptly or immediately) after taking it for a prolonged period of time. This is true for both drugs and vitamins. If your body is having an optimal amount of a particular nutrient, it naturally will have to readjust to any change. Therefore if you want to cut back on the intake, it is logical to do so gradually. For example many people increase their vitamin C intake during the cold and flu season. If you have been taking 3000mg of VITAMIN C during during this period, you may cut down to 2000mg for two weeks, then 1000mg for the next 2 weeks, then to 500mg and so on.

Fungsi Antioksidan Singkir Radikal Bebas

Q: What vitamins are known as 'antioxidants'?
A: Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants. It has been scientifically proven that these vitamins may help neutralise free-radical activity in the body and thus assist in the prevention of degenerative diseases like premature aging, cataracts, heart-disease and cancer. Antioxidants are also known as free-radical scavangers. (See ACE PROGRAM)

Q: What are free-radicals?
A: Free radicals are atoms or a group of atoms lacking an unpaired electron. They are present in the body and constantly 'bump' into healthy cells and severely damage them in the process. Free radicals are formed by exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals, over-exposure to the sun's rays or through the action of various metabolic processes such as the use of stored fat molecules for energy. If free-radicals are left unchecked,they can cause degenerative diseases like premature aging, cataracts, heart disease and cancer.

Q: Do vitamins work individually?
A: Research has shown that vitamins work synergistically - that means they work better as a group. So it is good practice to combine your vitamins. For example, if you are taking antioxidants, you should be taking vitamins A, C and E together. If you are not sure which vitamins combine well, always ask your nutritionist or your doctor.

Q: How long does vitamins remain in your body?
A: Water -soluble vitamins stay in the body for a short period of time - say two to four days. The B vitamins and C vitamins belong in this group. Utilisation of water soluble vitamins begins the minute they are absorbed through your digestive system. Thus these vitamins must be replenished regualrly. Oil-soluble (or fat-soluble) vitamins stay longer in the body. Vitamins A, D, E and K belong to this group. Although these vitamins are usually stored in fat (liid) tissue, some may be also be stored in the organs, especially the liver. Therefore it is not practical to take fat-soluble vitamins in very large doses.

Credit : www.sayamahusihat.com/

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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LECITHIN SHAKLEE..Cara Nk kurus.. 15Kg dlm 2 bulan

SUNGGUH TERUJA! Shaklee Lecithin Turun Berat Badan 15 Kg dalam 2 Bulan 

Apa yang berlaku sehingga ramai anda diluar sana ingin mendapatkannya?? Berikut ialah Pengakuan BENAR dari seorang teman istimewa yang juga merupakan loyal customer saya, Datin Walis :)

Ya BENAR!! 15 KG dalam masa 2 BULAN! Datin Walis merupakan ibu gigih yang ingin menjayakan penyusuan esklusif beliau, seorang wanita jelita(memang cun!) dan sgt menjaga penampilan beliau. Apa yang beliau amalkan?

Bagi menjayakan penyusuan susu ibu, beliau mendapatkan Breastfeeding Set E dan untuk menurunkan berat badan beliau mengamalkan pengambilan SHAKLEE LECITHIN.

Info penting yang anda perlu tahu tentang SHAKLEE LECITHIN!


Nature’s Emulsifier (Pengemulsi Semulajadi) yang membantu badan menyerap nutrien larut lemak seperti Vitamin A,D,E, K, Beta Caretone.

Boleh didapati dari tisu binatang dan tumbuhan (plant)
Untuk komersil didapati dari telor, jagung & kacang soya
Fat Emulsifier - Metabolisma lemak

* Asid linoleik (essential fatty acid) ? amat diperlu oleh badan. Tapi badan tidak boleh menghasilkannya sendiri dan ia perlu diambil melalui diet harian.
* Kolin - satu komponen neurotransmitter
* Asetikolina - bekal biokimia untuk penghantaran mesej di dalam otak & sistem saraf
* Inositol - sebagai komponen utama membran / selaput sel dalam tisu di seluruh badan

1. PALING UTAMA - untuk proses metabolisma, kolesterol, triglycerides dan lemak darah (blood lipids)
* Lecithin memecah serta mencairkan lemak terutama kolestrol.
* Ia membantu menurunkan total serum cholesterol dan meningkatkan kolesterol baik (HDL)
* Membantu mengawal paras triglycerides
* Membantu memecahkan lemak badan dan mengurangkan lemak yang tersendat di pembuluhan-pembuluhan darah.
* Mengurangkan kesan buruk yang wujud dari masalah kolesterol

* Acethylcholine penting untuk fungsi otak - berfikir, ingatan, konsentrasi, menentukan kita berdiri, berlari, makan, bercakap, tidur, penghadaman dsb
* Acethylcholine merupakan sejenis neurotransmitter yang terlibat dalam penerimaan, penyimpanan dan penghantaran maklumat yang betul ke otak. Jika bekalannya cukup, maka fungsi-fungsi ini dapat dilakukan. Jika tidak fungsi itu akan tergugat. Acethylcholine dihasikan dari cholin. Cholin mudah diperolehi dari LECITHIN
* Lecithin meningkatkan bekalan cholin dan acethylcholine ? kerana 30% otak adalah lecithin, dan 70% lemak di hati (liver) adalah lecithin

* Lecithin amat diperlukan bagi mereka yang uzur oleh sebab angin, stroke (angin ahmar) dan sakit-sakit yang biasa dialami oleh kaum tua
* Mengurangkan berlakunya masalah pembuluhan tersendat punca darah tinggi, sengal sendi, sejuk kaki dsb

* Lecithin diperlukan untuk menghasilkan bahan kimia yang dipanggil 'bile'(jus hempedu) daripada kolesterol. Bile amat penting untuk proses penghadaman

* Lecithin penting untuk mengangkut, menghantar bahan-bahan lemak dari makanan ke sel-sel
* Choline & lecithin menguatkan selaput sel-sel neuron dan semua sel-sel tubuh badan kita

6. UNTUK KESIHATAN KARDIOVASCULAR (SISTEM JANTUNG) * Fungsi utama lecithin adalah sebagai “Fat Emulsifier “ ia amat penting untuk perlindungan sistem jantung.
* Ia amat mujarap jika di ambil bersama-sama EPA dan Fiber

* Lecithin daripada soyabean berkesan memecahkan deposit kolesterol
* Lecitin daripada telor boleh tetapi tidak bergitu berkesan

* Kacang soya - sumber semulajadi yang terpilih.
* Kapsulnya mempunyai ciri-ciri lecithin sebagaimana di anugerahkan oleh alam
* Tiada pengawet, perwarna, perasa tiruan
* Kepekatannya.
- 1 kapsul :
* 520 mg lecithin
* 78 mg phosphatidycholine
* 47 mg phosphatidylinositol

Ada yang bercerita apabila mereka mendapati badan makin mengembang akibat dari pengambilan makanan yang tidak seimbang. Namun bagi yang menyusu badan, tahukah anda, kebaikan Lecithin kepada ibu yang menyusu?

* Ia membantu mengurangkan risiko clog duct atau duktus susu tersumbat.
* Ia membakar lemak yang berlebihan dalam badan ibu.
* Ia membantu ibu mengatasi masalah lupa atau "short memory" yang biasa dilalui selepas melahirkan.
* Ia membantu menyalurkan inositol dan kolin di dalam susuibu untuk perkembangan otak bayi.

Maka selamatkah Lecitihin di ambil semasa penyusuan selain untuk pengambilan untuk mengurangkan berat badan? Jawapannya ialah YA selamat diambil. Sila dapatkan jadual pemakanan dari pengedar seandainya anda mahukan cara pengambilan yang lebih baik.

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Read more: http://www.sayamahusihat.com/

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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20 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Whether you're trying to shed some lbs or just stay fit, these tricks to increase your metabolism from Heather Bauer, RD,CDN, will help you reach the finish line even faster. 

1. Keep Hydrated 
I'm sure the general population thinks dieticians sound like a broken record when it comes to the whole water thing, but it really is important. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day will   help your body function at peak performance levels.

2. Keep Calcium Levels Up 
Current obesity research shows that a dip in calcium levels can trigger the same hormone that causes the body to hold onto fat to be released. Choose low-fat dairy, cheese, yogurt, salmon, tofu, and oatmeal.

3. Ditch the Drinks 
Happy hours and late night cocktails can do a number on your metabolism the next day. Research shows that the day after a night of drinking, there is a significant dip in your metabolic rate. Combine this with hangover cravings, and you've got a double disaster.

Fish Oil Is Good For Your Health - OMEGA GUARD

Good health is a blessing of God. Nature provide many things that are very beneficial for our health, fish oil is one of them. Fish oil has numerous health benefits, mainly due to the presence of omega-3 essential fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in it. Fish oil can be included as it is in the diet or supplements can take fish oil pills. Here are some of the benefits of fish oil given in detail.

Relieves Pain and Inflammation 
Fish oil being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, especially eicosanoids, helps in relieving the pain and inflammation associated with conditions like arthritis and cystitis. One of the fish oil benefits for men is that it helps in preventing prostatitis, a condition very commonly experienced by men, in which the prostate gland inflammation takes place.

Maintains Healthy Skin 
There are numerous benefits of fish oil for skin. First of all, it helps in treating skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Secondly, it prohibits the formation of androgen, thus reducing the sebum production and clearing the skin off acne. Also, being anti-bacterial in nature, fish oil reduces the bacteria on skin, thus lessening the chances of a person developing acne or other skin problems. Another of the fish oil benefits for skin is that it keeps it well moisturized from within, thus delaying the onset of wrinkles and keeping the skin ever glowing.

Maintains Heart Health 
One of the foremost of omega 3 fish oil benefits is that it maintains the health of the heart. Fish oil is known to lower the bad cholesterol, increase the good cholesterol and at the same time, maintain the right blood pressure. It prevents the plaque from building on the walls of the arteries. This helps in preventing heart stroke or heart failure in a person.

Improves Immunity
 Including fish oil in one’s diet enhances the immunity to a great extent. It activates the cytokines and eicosanoids in the body, which serve as great immunity boosters. So, a person taking fish oil is very less likely to suffer from diseases such as cold and flu, which usually occur due to lowered immunity.

Maintains Mental Health 
Researches have shown that supplementing one’s diet with fish oil, a person’s focus and concentration improves. Fish oil is known to improve reasoning and logic in a person too. Moreover, fish oil is known to make a person calm and happy, relieving him of stress or depression. Thus, fish oil is a very good diet ingredient to foster intelligence as well as to make a person happy.

Helps in Treating Childhood Disorders 
One of the fish oil benefits in children is that it is very helpful for those who suffer from childhood disorders like ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and many other compulsive disorders. In fact pregnant women who supplement their diet with fish oil are more likely to give birth to intelligent and healthy children.

Helps in Hair Growth 
Fish oil being rich in proteins, is a very good nourishment for the hair follicles, as hair too is made up of proteins. Thus, the fish oil benefits for hair are immense. It makes the hair long, healthy, shiny and thick.

Helps in Weight Loss
Fish oil taken in diet when combined with a regular exercise routine, is known to aid in weight loss. Researchers have shown that taking fish oil keeps the body fit and in shape.

Reduces Incidence of Cancers
It is seen that taking fish oil prevents certain cancers such as those of the breast, prostate and colon. Fish oil is known to prohibit the growth of cancerous cells as well as aid in the death of cancerous cells. It also prevents the conversion of healthy cells into cancerous ones.

Improves Blood Circulation and Eye Vision
Researches have shown that fish oil improves the blood circulation in the body. Also, it is known to prevent muscular degeneration which usually occurs with age, thus improving upon a person’s vision.

Before including it in your diet, both fish oil benefits and side effects should be looked into. Fish oil can cause stomach problems including diarrhea, heartburn and nausea. If proper dosage is not taken, it can cause bleeding or even strokes. That’s why, to prevent these side effects and enjoy fish oil benefits, taking it in right quantity or dosage is recommended.

Vitamin dan jamu, mana satu menjadi pilihan?

Ini testimoni yang diberi oleh salah seorang customer saya .... beliau menggunakan tips yang saya berikan dan alhamdulillah beliau sangat berpuashati.

Berpantang dengan vitamin membuatkan badan cepat sihat, recover dan sangat membantu dalam penghasilan susuibu apabila si ibu kerap melakukan stimulasi melalui pam atau hisapan bayi.

Saya sendiri amalkan hanya vitamin semasa berpantang kerana ia sangat membantu terutama sebab saya melahirkan secara secearean. Jika sakit tempat potong itu tidak diatasi, ia akan mengganggu emosi si ibu dan ini akan menjejaskan penghasilan hormon prolaktin yang menyumbang kepada kelancaran penghasilan susuibu.

Jika anda berpantang dengan jamu, hakikatnya badan akan bekerja lebih keras untuk mengurai kandungan jamu itu untuk mendapatkan vitamin dan galian yang terdapat di dalam jamu tadi. Berbeza apabila kita amalkan makan vitamin sahaja. Ia memudahkan sel menyerap vitamin dengan lebih mudah ditambah pengambilan air yang mencukupi.

Jika anda bakal melahirkan, apa kata cuba berpantang dengan vitamin...insyaALLAH dengan izin ALLAH anda juga mampu menikmati apa yang customer ini nikmati!

Credit - anakkuwiraku.com

Generally mmg ramai tahu jamu ini bagus untuk mengecutkan rahim si ibu selain dapat melangsingkan semula tubuhnya kepada bentuk asal....Habis tu mkn vitamin tak dapat ape2 ke? Tahu kah anda bahawa kalau kita makan vitamin yang berkualiti, insyaAllah kita juga dapat memperolehi manfaat yang sama ...boleh slim juga..malah lebih baik…

nak tahu kenapa? Kerana kesan vitamin itu sendiri dapat juga dirasai oleh si anak melalui susu ibu. Manakala mereka yang mengambil jamu hanya membuatkan anak mudah mendapat penyakit demam kuning atau cirit birit kerana jamu itu sendiri panas... dan saya juga pernah baca bahawa jamu mengandungi steroid sebab itu saya cuak nak cuba.Lagi satu saya tidak tahu jamu itu diperbuat dari bahan apa dan khasiat yang spesifik…... jadilah penguna yang bijak,ambil tahu tentang apa yang anda makan..Apa2 pun terpulang pada individu..

Set Berpantang Mengandung1 4 Jenis Vitamin - Vitamin B complex, C, Vitalea, Zinc

*B Complex (40 biji) – B Complex Shaklee terdiri dari 8 kumpulan vit b termasuk folic acid dan biotin untuk bina darah. Ia penting untuk elak kemurungan (meroyan, sebagai penenang (anti-stress) & menstabilkan hormon.Mengapa ada ibu yang mudah meroyan atau keletihan? Jawapannya kerana kurangnya vitamin B dalam badan. Mungkin si ibu merasakan dia boleh mendapatkan vitamin b melalui lauk harian namun adakah dia pasti mencukupi kumpulan 8 vitamin B?

* Vitamin C (40 biji) - penting untuk pembentukan kolagen, mempercepatkan penyembuhan luka, memperbaiki tisu sel yang rosak akibat bersalin.

* Vita-Lea Iron Formula (a.k.a multivitamin) (40 biji) - perlu kerana ianya mengandungi iron formula yang sangat penting bagi tubuh, terutama kerana ibu banyak kehilangan darah selepas bersalin.

* Zinc (40 biji) – Ia berfungsi untuk membantu mempercepatkan proses baik pulih luka, terutama luka di dalam (untuk rahim). Mengapa orang Melayu suka makan ikan haruan selepas bersalin? Kerana ikan haruan mengandungi zinc, namun pengambilan yang mencukupi dapat diukur dengan tepat melalui pengambilan tablet zinc).

Namun jika dari kita mampu untukmengeluarkan sedikit wang, disamping 4 jenis tablet ini,digalakkan sangat2 juga membeli soy protein(sangat penting untuk bina sel pengambilannya akan memekatkan susuibu.) dan juga vitamin E dalam diet harian semasa berpantang- untuk apa ye? Agar luka dalam mudah sembuh dan scar pada tempat bedah tidak kelihatan buruk.
Credit - Aula

Tujuan saya sediakan pelbagai pek percubaan ini kerana saya tahu tak semua dari kita mampu untuk terus membeli set original dalam botol..atau mungkin kerana masih belum merasa sendiri impak dan impak suplemen Shaklee ini. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Bg yang kekangan kewangan, sila contact utk mendapat harga istimewa:

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Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

How to lose weight effectively in 2 weeks ?? 10 golden rules

Best way to lose weight in 2 weeks

The above explanation on the fastest way to lose weight in 2 weeks does not take into account one important parameter: the recommended amount of weight to lose in a week is 1-2 pounds. Therefore, in a period of 2 weeks you can lose 2-4 pounds maximum. Anything above that is not healthy and should only be attempt after consulting with your doctor.

How to lose weight in 2 weeks  – 10 golden rules

Rule #1: Stop eating fast food

no fast foodIf you want to lose weight in just 2 weeks then you definitely need to remove (or at least reduce) the consumption of fast food. Fast food, many times referred to as junk food, is full of calories and it is not a healthy choice for your diet. So, stop eating fast food or eating out and replace soft drinks with water or green tea. When eating out you eat more calories than you need because the meal portions are most of the times larger than what you need.

Rule #2: Eat more fiber
eat more fiberFiber is very important to help you have a feeling of fullness for a long time. This way you will not need to eat un-healthy and full of calories snacks between meals. A very good way to get more fiber is to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. If your goal is to lose weight in 2 weeks then you need to make sure that you eat a lot fruits and vegetables. You can take at work a couple of fruits to replace snacks. You can eat the one in the morning to keep you satisfied until lunch and the other one in the afternoon to replace sweets. With your meals you can have vegetables (boiled or fresh) as a side dish.

Rule #3: Burn more calories than you consume
burn more caloriesBesides the theories of weight loss, if you actually want to lose weight in 2 weeks then you need to eat less calories than what you burn. Using the simple methods mentioned above you need to reduce calorie intake by 500 calories per day. You can do this by stop drinking soft drinks (this will immediately save you aprx 200 calories), and by removing high in fat foods from your diet and replacing them with low-fat foods. For example you can stop eating fried and processes foods and start eating lean meats, and a lot of fish (especially tuna). This will not only accelerate your weight loss efforts but it is also healthy and beneficial for your health.

Rule #4: Increase your metabolism
increase metabolismIf you manage to increase your metabolism then you will be able to lose weight in 2 weeks. You can increase your metabolism by eating small meals more often. You can start by eating 5 or 6 small meals per day instead of having 2 big meals. By eating small meals more often your body has a continuous supply of fuel and you will not feel hunger. On the opposite if you do not eat small meals and eat just 2 big meals then in-between meals you will feel hunger and look for snacks. This will destroy your weight loss efforts. By eating more frequently you will save a lot of calories and by the end of the second week you will start seeing results.
Another factor that contributes to your metabolism is breakfast. If you want to lose weight fast then you should not skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is proven that if you want to lose weight you need to eat breakfast. This is because during the night your body is working to burn the extra calories and needs re-fueling in the morning. Also eating a good breakfast will keep you until lunch time and thus you won’t have to look for unhealthy snacks.

Rule #5: Water, water and more water
drink waterIt is not possible to read about how to lose weight and not see a point about water. Our bodies are 75% water and it is needed from our body to carry out the fat burning process. With no water the fat burning process is reduced and you will not lose weight fast. When you try and drink 10 glasses of water per day then you can help the burning process and also you will save yourself from a number of calories because water will give you a feeling of fullness and you will eat less. In addition water will keep you hydrated and assist you in flushing toxins from your system. Drinking a lot of water is a very healthy habit.  Try to carry with you a bottle of water throughout the day and drink as much as you can. Water has no calories and can only do good to your weight loss efforts and health.

Rule #6: Physical activity and exercise
physical activity and exerciseOne way to lose weight in 2 weeks is to follow some strick diet rules, such as the ones described above. Another way that can accelerate the process and ensure that you will not get the weight back once you stop the weight loss diet is physical activity and exercise. When we are referring to fast weight loss, exercise plays a very important role in the whole process. Physical activity and exercise rises your internal temperature causing you to sweat and burn calories. At the beginning you should try and exercise 3 days a week for at least 45 minutes per day. You should try and gradually increase that to 1 hour per day, 4 days per week. Examples of exercises you can do include walking, running, biking, swimming, stair stepping, rope jumping and rowing. It is understood that this may not be the easiest thing to do but if you need to lose weight fast you will have to introduce some form of exercise to your schedule.

Rule #7: Weight Training
weight trainingWeight training can help you build more muscle mass. The more muscles you have the easiest is to increase your metabolism. Weight trainning can add the extra bit on your weight loss efforts and can help you start losing weight in 2 weeks. The advantages from weight training are twofold. First you accelerate the burning process by building more muscles and second it is very good for your health and bones and can protect your from several diseases as you grow old (for example osteoporosis).

Rule #8: Eat more white meat
white meatSome very nice tricks that can instantly save you calories and help you lose weight in 2 weeks concern dark and white meat. Dark meat has about 15% more calories than white meat. For example a turkey breast with the skin (it is better to remove it) has about 155 calories while the same quantity of dark meat has 185 calories.

Rule #9: Steam cooking is the healthiest way to cook your food
steam cookingSteam cooking is a very healthy and easy way to cook. Steam foods are prepated quickly and have low calories. This is because you do not need to add anything to your food besides water. There is a large variety of foods that can be steam cooked. These include rice, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and several other types of foods.

Rule #10: Enjoy your food
enjoy your foodYou should try and enjoy every bite of your food. Food is an enjoyment and this is how you should look at it. For food to be delicious it doesn’t have to be full fat and full of calories. Low fat foods are nowadays as tasty as the normal foods. Try to eat foods that require crunching and chewing.The more you chew you food, the less are the chances that you will eat more than what you need. Great “crunch” foods include carrots and broccoli. The more chewing the more calories you will burn.
If you follow the above weight loss tips and tricks you will be able to lose weight in 2 weeks. Of course this will not be the end of your weight loss efforts but it will be a good starting point that will give you encouragement for the future.

Source - howtoloseweighthealthy.com

Cara makan Omega untuk ibu menyusu*

Sebelum nie sy ada share psl cara nk Kurus dengan Omega.. nie sambungan utk pengambilan Omega Guard bgi ibu menyusu..

Alhamdulillah sejak amalkan Omega 3 biji sehari dengan konsisten selama beberapa hari saya dapat rasakan perbezaan sebelum ini yang mana saya hanya fokus kepada Lecithin. Omega ini memang rasa buat badan panas bila kurang minum air tetapi sekurang-kurangnya saya tak kesejukan bila tidur malam hari dan rasa badan sentiasa warm. - tq Kak N for Sharing the info

Jika sebelum ini jika saya lewat makan, saya dah mula menggigil namun kini tidak lagi. Saya hanya perlu pastikan badan saya mendapat cukup air. Namun apa yang saya perhatikan ialah saya mudah dahaga. Part makan pula saya terlalu cerewet...saya seolah-olah hilang selera makan yang selama ini saya amalkan.

Adakah ibu meyusu sesuai amalkan Omega?

Ya, ibu menyusu sesuai dan selamat mengamalkan Omega. Selain membantu membakar lemak, ia membantu meningkatkan DHA dalam susuibu. Walau demikian, perlu tahu cara pengambilan yang betul untuk mengambilnya terutama ibu menyusu.

Secara jujurnya saya TIDAK galakkan ibu menyusu mengambil 3 biji Omega sehari. Ini kerana dikhuatiri si ibu hanya akan dahaga dan tidak kisah untuk mengambil makanan harian disebabkan fokus pada dahaga smata-mata. Jika ini berlaku pastinya akan menjejaskan penghasilan susuibu. Ibu yang menyusu memerlukan banyak kalori untuk menghasilkan susuibu buat si manja. Maka apa yang boleh saya sarankan ialah gabungan pengambilan Omega dan Lecithin setiap hari.

Ini bermakna, si ibu yang menyusu boleh mengambil 2 biji Omega selepas lunch manakala 3 biji Lecithin selepas makan malam. In between meal, ibu disarankan mengambil beberapa potong buah-buahan seperti betik, jambu atau buah-buahan yang kaya dengan serat. Ini membantu proses pembuangan dengan lebih lancar.

Kekurangan air dan serat buah boleh memberi risiko sembelit dan ini akan mengganggu emosi ibu yang menyusu. Selain itu jika kurang air dan serat, lemak akan berkumpul semula di dalam tubuh dan menempek dibahagian lain pula. Maka jangan sesekali melupakan kepentingan air kosong dalam diet harian.

Omega dan Lecithin adalah dua jenis supplement yang dikenali sebagai fat emulsifier. Ia membantu memecahkan lemak di dalam badan kita. Namun lemak yang dimaksudkan bukan lemak yang ada sejak lahir. Selain itu hasilnya tidak la boleh diharapkan dalam seminggu dua. Perlu masa sebagai mana lemak yang terkumpul dalam tubuh kita juga tidaklah berlaku dengan sekelip mata.

Perlu kesabaran dan amalan istiqamah yang berterusan untuk nampak hasil yang memberansangkan.

Jika anda mahu maklumat lebih lanjut, boleh hubungi saya melalui cara di bawah.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Isnin, 27 Februari 2012

Tips Muka Berseri - Petua Lama VS Petua Moden

Tips Muka Berseri Cara 1 :

Cuci muka anda dengan air basuhan beras. Saya menggunakan air basuhan kali ke-2. Air basuhan kali pertama biasanya agak gatal. Lakukannya pada setiap hari, sehari sekali. Kulit muka bukan sahaja bersih berseri, malahan akan menjadi bertambah cerah dan lembut

Tips Muka Berseri Cara 2 :

Setiap kali nasi yang dimasak hampir kering, ambil 2 sudu makan air nasi tersebut (airnya kelihatan agak pekat). Lumurkan pada seluruh wajah dan leher ketika masih suam. Biarkan sehingga kering, kemudian barulah dibilas

Nak Muka Berseri-seri, kena rajin amalkan Tips Muka berseri kat atas nie.. Anda ada 2 cara Tips Muka Berseri.. moga mendapat manfaat..

Kalau nk cepat  dan cara moden untuk wajah berseri @ kulit cantik berseri, jom try Set Kecantikan

Set Kecantikan mengandungi vitamin-vitamin hebat untuk mendapatkan kulit cantik iaitu B Complex, Vitamin C dan Vitamin E.

Waktu & Aturan sesuai utk mengambil Vitamin - Pantang Larang

Selalunya saya akan mencadangkan kepada pengguna untuk ambil vitamin pada pada waktu malam atau selepas makan malam kerana nutrien lebih mudah menyerap pada waktu tidur kerana badan sedang berehat. Namun, kalau kita boleh berdisplin, sesetengah vitamin lebih sesuai di makan pada waktu-waktu berbeza.

Sebagai panduan buat semua, di bawah adalah aturan asas pengambilan vitamin yang baik mengikut sifatnya.

VITAMIN LARUT AIR (B dan C) : Seeloknya diambil bersama segelas air dan elakkan pengambilan bersama makanan berlemak/berminyak.

VITAMIN LARUT LEMAK (A,D,E,K) : Vitamin larut lemak memerlukan lemak untuk memudahkan penyerapan. Sebaiknya diambil selepas anda mengambil makanan berlemak/berminyak.

Ostematrix (Kalsium) : Seeloknya diambil bersama minuman bersusu, atau diambil sebelum tidur. Sebagaimana susu dikatakan sebagai minuman untuk membantu kita tidur, kalsium dikatakan ada fungsi yang sama.

Lecithin : Diambil bersama2 vitamin larut lemak lain.

Pantang Larang Semasa Pengambilan Vitamin

Mengambil alfalfa bersama-sama vitamin E kerana ia boleh mengganggu penyerapan alfalfa.

Mengambil supplement zat besi (Iron) bersama-sama Ostematrix kerana zat besi boleh mengganggu penyerapan kalsium. Walau bagaimanapun kini zat besi sudah dilengkapi ke dalam VitaLea Shaklee. Oleh itu jika boleh, ambil kedua2nya pada masa berlainan untuk mengelakkan gangguan penyerapan di antara kedua-duanya.

Pengambilan vitamin disarankan pada waktu selepas makan bagi membantu penyerapan. Ambillah vitamin & mineral dalam kadar yang telah dicadangkan, kerana pengambilan vitamin/mineral yang berlebihan, terutama vitamin larut lemak boleh membahayakan kesihatan kerana ia disimpan di dalam badan dan boleh menjadi toksik.


Sekiranya anda merasakan praktik anda mengambil vitamin sekarang berjalan lancar dan membuahkan hasil, sila teruskan. Namun jika tidak memuaskan, anda boleh cuba mengambilnya mengikut cadangan di atas. Walaubagaimanapun, ia bukanlah muktamad dan masih bergantung kepada tubuh badan kita.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Petua untuk Hamil

Lumrah bagi pasangan yang berkahwin, mesti nak dapat anak cepat-cepat. Lebih-lebih lagi bila rakan seangkatan yang berkahwin lebih kurang tempoh yang sama, semua dah menimang cahayamata, bunting pelamin misalnya. Tertekan juga kadangkala, apabila teman2 semua dah bertiga, berempat.. kita masih berdua...macam2 petua untuk hamil search kat google nie.. dengan kata lain sume petua mudah hamil la dah try tapi tetap tak ada rezeki lagi..

Antara penyebab biologi sukar hamil di kalangan wanita:

  • Tiub fallopian tersumbat
  • Endometriosis
  • Mempunyai hormon prolaktin yang tinggi (prolaktin ialah hormon penghasilan susu yang mengganggu penghasilan telur)
  • Menghidap PCOS (mempunyai hormon kelelakian yang tinggi menyebabkan telur tidak matang)
  • Masalah hormon
  • Tumor pituitari yang mengganggu penghasilan telur
  • Menopous sebelum waktunya
  • Masalah tiroid
  • Fibroid

Penyebab biologi di kalangan lelaki:

  • Jangkitan kuman atau penyakit yang dihidapi sewaktu kecil yang merencatkan sistem pembiakan
  • Jangkitan kuman akibat penyakit kelamin dari hubungan seksual
  • Menghidap azoopsermia iaitu testis yang tidak berfungsi untuk menghasilkan sperma
  • Menghidap hernia
  • Gangguan hormon
  • Salur sperma tersumbat
  • Mati pucuk, lemah tenaga batin, dsb

Penyebab2 dari faktor luaran (lelaki dan wanita):

  • Hubungan seksual di luar waktu kesuburan
  • Stress dan tekanan
  • Pemakanan yang tidak sihat
  • Kekurangan zat
  • Amalan merokok atau meminum alkohol
  • Mengambil terlalu banyak ubat-ubatan (drug)
  • Terdedah kepada pencemaran
  • Terlalu kurus atau terlalu gemuk


Bagi penyebab biologi, anda suami isteri dinasihatkan mendapat khidmat pakar dalam bidang reproduktif, agar masalah anda berdua dapat diselesaikan secara medikal dalam proses untuk cepat hamil.

Sekiranya anda berdua tiada masalah biologi, bermakna peluang untuk anda cepat dapat anak adalah cerah. Namun, anda mesti bersedia untuk mengubah cara hidup anda seperti

Ubah Cara Hidup untuk Meningkatkan Kesuburan dan Peluang Menimang Anak


Bersenam bukan sahaja menyihatkan badan, malah memberi kesegaran minda. Badan yang sihat dan minda yang tenang menurunkan paras stress dan meningkatkan hormon kesuburan anda.

Mengelakkan pencemaran

Mungkin kita tidak dapat lari dari pencemaran, terutama pencemaran udara. Anda boleh menghentikan diri dan keluarga dari menjadi punca dan mangsa pencemaran dengan mengamalkan ‘green-living’. Setidak-tidaknya dengan berhenti merokok

Mengambil supplement (vitamin & mineral) untuk menambah kesuburan

Kesuburan boleh ditingkatkan dengan pengambilan supplement berikut:

Vita-Lea - kesuburan wanita banyak dipengaruhi oleh vitamin A. Jadi untuk cepat dapat anak, seorang wanita (lelaki juga) harus melengkapkan diri dengan mengambil multivitamin dan multimineral. Kenapa kena ambil multi? Kerana ia membekalkan vitamin dan mineral perlu dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari, bagi memastikan kesihatan berada di tahap optimum.
Mangan dan magnesium di dalam Vita-Lea membantu ereksi bagi lelaki.

B Complex – Vitamin2 B3, B6 dan B12 memainkan peranan penting dalam memulihkan tenaga (menukar makanan kepada tenaga). Penting bagi mereka yang hidup dalam keadaan sibuk, selepas kerja di pejabat yang memenatkan, anda memerlukan tenaga untuk bersama dengan suami/isteri.
Vitamin B12 juga berperanan dalam memperbanyakkan sperma

Vita C - Sebagai vitamin yang menjaga kesegahan sel, vitamin C juga berfungsi menghasilkan sel sperma yang sihat. Sperma yang tidak sihat, lembik, lembab… akan menghadapi masalah untuk bersenyawa dengan sel ovum.

Vita E & Selenium - bekerja bersama2 dengan vitamin C sebagai anti oksidan. Radikal bebas dalam tubuh mampu merosakkan sperma dan ovum. Jadi bagi menjaga kualiti sperma, seseorang lelaki harus mengambil vitamin E dalam kadar yang mencukupi. Selenium lengkap dalam Vita E Shaklee, untuk membantu pergerakan sperma agar lebih tangkas dan bergaya.

Omega Guard – Omega 3 dan Omega 6 meningkatkan kelicinan pergerakan sperma bagi memudahkan persenyawaan.

Zinc - meningkatkan hormon testosteron dan bilangan sperma

Alfalfa – membantu mengatur pusingan haid, masalah keputihan dan masalah kewanitaan

Link Berguna - Makanan semulajadi untuk kesuburan

Banyaknya supplement, mana satu yang perlu ambil? Semua kah?
Kalau nak ambil semua mungkin terlalu banyak, jadi untuk mereka yang mahu mencuba, ikhtiar untuk cepat dapat anak, saya ada cadangan set yang lebih compact untuk dicuba kedua pasangan pada harga mampu. Hubungi saya supaya saya dapat membantu anda.

credit- mysupervitamins.com

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Tips Turunkan Berat Badan | Kurus Dengan Cara Yang Betul

Nak kurus, turunkan berat badan… simple saja sebenarnya. Bukan roket sains. 
Konsepnya –> bakar kalori setimpal dengan yang diambil. Tapi.. bagaimana caranya?
Look.. biasa tak kita dengar, atau alami sendiri situasi semacam ni:
Eton cuba menurunkan berat badan dengan mengamalkan ‘diet’. Dia mengawal semua jumlah kalori yang diambil, melakukan senaman untuk mengurangkan berat badan. Akan tetapi, musim kenduri amat menakutkan Eton, kerana dia boleh naik berat badan dengan begitu drastik selepas makan kenduri.
Penat kan macam tu. Makan banyak sikit, berat naik.

Hmm.. mari kita tengok kenapa kebanyakan cara nak kurus dengan ‘diet’ tak berjaya.
  • Kebanyakan orang yang mengamalkan diet mengalami kekurangan nutrisi. Bila kita ‘cut’ makanan kita, kita akan mengalami kekurangan nutrien dan kalori. Memang betul bila kita kurang kalori, badan secara semulajadi akan menggunakan lemak. Tapi sebenarnya ia melibatkan kitaran hormon semulajadi tubuh sebab kita kekurangan nutrien juga. Jadinya, tak elok pun kecuali kalau memang tak ada makanan.
  • Diet kadangkala boleh mengganggu kehidupan sosial kita. Misalnya, serba salah nak join majlis kawan-kawan sebab takut ganggu program diet.
  • Berdiet sehingga memperlahankan metabolisma boleh mendatangkan “kesan yo-yo”
Apakah kesan Yo-Yo?

Kesan Yo-Yo atau Yo-Yo effect terjadi bila kita mengamalkan diet ketat, kerana bila badan kita kurang kalori, ia akan menggunakan lemak dan tisu otot sebagai bahan api. Nitrogen dibebaskan bila berlaku tindakbalas dari tisu otot, dan ia dibersihkan dan dikeluarkan dari tubuh sebagai air kencing. Makin banyak penggunaan tisu otot, makin banyak nitrogen terhasil dan makin banyaklah air perlu dikeluarkan. Keadaan ini boleh menyebbkan berat badan kita menurun oleh sebab pengeluaran air tadi.

Sebenarnya, berat kita masih tak ke mana-mana!

Bila badan kurang kalori, lemak dah habis dan mula guna tisu otot, sebenarnya ia melemahkan lagi fungsi tubuh kita untuk membakar kalori. Ini sebabnya, kalori dibakar oleh otot-otot. Makin besar otot, makin banyak kalori boleh dibakar. Kalau perasan, seorang ahli bina badan perlu makan banyak dan tinggi kalori, untuk memelihara ototnya.

Kita kena jaga otot kita, sebab.. kalau tisu otot kurang, maka kuranglah kalori yang dibakar. Mungkin akan bertambah gemuk
Jadi, bagaimana cara nak kurus dengan betul?
Persamaan cara turunkan berat badan yang betul:

Pelihara otot + bakar lemak ——————-> turun berat.

Jadi, cara menurunkan berat badan yang terbaik ialah dengan PROTEIN. Hah, kenapa protein?
  • Peningkatan asid amino (leucine) membantu menurunkan kadar gula dalam darah
  • Protein membina sel-sel otot untuk pembakaran kalori
  • Asid amino membantu dalam sintesis protein oleh otot
  • Membantu tubuh untuk memeliharan jisim otot, pada masa yang sama membakar lemak
shaklee weight management

Produk Shaklee untuk tujuan ini yang boleh diambil ialah CINCH SHAKE MIX dan/atau ENERGIZING SOY PROTEIN.

Ibu yang menyusukan anak tidak dinasihatkan ambil Cinch Shake Mix kerana ia kurang kalori. Ibu menyusu memerlukan kalori untuk tujuan penyusuan. Jadi ibu menyusu boleh ambil Energizing Soy Protein.

Jom dapatkan konsultasi tentang cara-cara menurunkan berat badan (produk lain pun ada, bukan protein ni je) dan dapatkan harga special untuk set ni… Hubungi saya

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Perlukah Orang Sihat Ambil Vitamin?

“Saya dah sihat dan tak perlukan vitamin tambahan”


Menurut jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, pengambilan vitamin tambahan TIDAK PERLU sekiranya seorang individu mengikut garis panduan pemakanan di bawah:

- Mengambil banyak sayuran segar, buah-buahan segar, bijirin penuh dan fiber.
- Mengurangkan pengambilan karbohidrat yang diproses, lemak tepu dan sodium.
- Melakukan senaman secara sistematik.

PERTAMA : Cuba semak pemakanan kita, yang mana yang kita selalunya makan?

KEDUA : Semak aktiviti kita. Adakah kita banyak


Semua terpulang kepada kita. Mengambil supplemen vitamin umpama mengunci pintu rumah. Tiada siapa dapat menjamin rumah kita tidak dimasuki pencuri, tapi sekurang2nya tidak membuka pintu yang terang-terang ‘menjemput’ pencuri.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Energy Booster – Vitamin Untuk Tambah Tenaga

Apa yang anda biasa lakukan untuk tambah tenaga? Dan apa yang menyebabkan seseorqng kehilangan tenaga?

Umum tahu untuk mendapatkan tenaga kita perlukan makanan – sumber makronutrient. Namun tahukah anda badan kita memerlukan vitamin untuk menjana tenaga dari makanan?

Tubuh kita tidak boleh membina vitamin sendiri, justeru ia memerlukannya dari makanan. Namun sayangnya, selain dari diet yang tidak seimbang, makanan ‘berzat’ yang kita makan tu kehilangan zatnya setelah melalui pelbagai proses.

Kesan kekurangan vitamin membuatkan badan menjadi lesu, mudah diserang sakit, etc. kerana badan kita perlu bekerja keras untuk membuat kerja yang mudah2, misalnya menukarkan makanan kepada tenaga. Akhirnya sistem badan kita menjadi lesu.

Jadi, apakah vitamin yang penting untuk melakukan kerja ini? Ya, itulah vitamin B Complex for BOOSTER! Vitamin B Complex yang terdiri dari 8 jenis vitamin B adalah amat penting untuk sintesis tenaga, dan menurunkan berat badan sebab,.. bila dah bertenaga tu mesti tak susah nak buat senaman, kan?

8 vitamin dlm Vitamin B Complex bekerja bersama2 untuk menghasilkan tenaga dari makanan kita. Ia menjaga semua mekanisma penghasilan dan pengedaran tenaga ke seluruh sel. Vitamin B complex juga adalah vitamin penenang… Bila tak stress & penat, fikiran pun lapang ^__^

Cukupkah dengan Vitamin B Complex saja?

Untuk melengkapkan lagi sebaiknya gandingkan vitamin B Complex dengan vitamin & mineral di bawah:-

–Vita-Lea (Multivitamin)
–Energizing Soy Protein ( Hot Selling)
–Performance Drink
–Cinch Energy Tea Mix

Jangan lupa menjaga pemakanan & hubungan dengan Tuhan!
Pastinya lebih tenang dan senang apabila kita memberikan tubuh & jiwa kita makanan yang sepatutnya :)

Hubungi saya untuk membuat pesanan ya dan harga yang menarik..

Credit -  Mommy Lyna

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Can OMEGA GUARD help loss weight

Fish oil supplements are fat burning by nature and contain very low amounts of calories. As a result, they increase the number of calories that are burnt by your body. Fat burning foods, such as fish oil supplements, are vital if you want to lose weight and not regain it. This is particularly helpful if you are like several others who find it difficult to lose weight. Studies have shown that fish oil supplements coupled with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can help you lose weight permanently.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the health of all human beings. However, the human body is incapable of manufacturing omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, these fatty acids can only be obtained from foods and supplements. There are 2 types of omega-3 fatty acids that are present in certain foods, namely EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These help to keep your body healthy.

Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The EPA and DHA derived from fish oil are especially beneficial in decreasing blood pressure. They slow down the hardening of arteries, lower the amount of triglycerides that are present in the body, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and help you lose weight. Besides this, they help in digestion, keep the joints healthy and promote healthy skin.

Fish Oil Supplements and Weight Loss

Fish oil supplements that contain DHA prevent pre-fat cells from becoming fat cells by killing them. As a result, they help in weight loss by decreasing the accumulation of fat in the body. In addition, they reprogram the genes so that carbohydrates are broken down by the body and not stored as fat. The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements increase your rate of metabolism and blood flow, which in turn assists in weight loss. These supplements should be taken in conjunction with a high protein balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Studies Carried Out

There have been several studies carried out to show the connection between fish oil supplements and weight loss. In one study, four groups were monitored. One group was given fish oil supplements, and the second was given fish oil supplements but had to exercise regularly. A third group was only given sunflower oil, and the last group was given sunflower oil and they too were made to exercise regularly. It was found that only the group that was given fish oil supplements and made to exercise regularly experienced weight loss. Hence, fish oil supplements can’t make you lose weight unless you consume plenty of water, exercise regularly and adhere to a healthy and nutritious diet.

Other Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements are important for the growth and development of the body and for proper brain function. Fish oil is especially beneficial to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or strokes. The supplements also benefit people suffering from diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and inflammation. These supplements boost the immune system and make you better able to fight and recover from diseases. Fish oil supplements are available in capsule form and can be easily obtained at most medical stores. Besides assisting you in losing weight, these supplements help you live a healthier life.


Maklumat lanjut tentang Omega Guard Shaklee

Jika anda rasa artikel ini berguna, jangan lupa untuk kongsikan demi manfaat bersama.

Credit - IDA 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Perkara Yang mempengaruhi SusuIbu

Perkara-perkara yang boleh mempengaruhi susu ibu adalah

-kekerapan menyusu
-mood ibu
-kesihatan ibu
-mind set ibu

Kekerapan menyusu
-lagi kerap ibu mengepam atau direct feeding dan lebih banyak stimulation diberi maka lebih banyaklah susu terhasil.

Mood ibu
-ketika ibu gembira, hormon oxytoxin dihasilkan. Hormon ni akan meransang pengeluaran susu ibu.

Kesihatan ibu
-susu ibu masih selamat diminum walau ibu jatuh sakit. Namun, production susu mungkin merudum disebabkan taraf kesihatan yang terjejas. Walau ibu sakit, cuba tenangkan diri semasa menyusukan anak.

Mind set ibu
-percaya tak dengan hanya keyakinan pada diri dan penyerahan pada ketentuan Allah, susu yang sikit boleh menjadi banyak. Setiap anak itu telah ditentukan rezekinya. Kita hanya harus terus berusaha kerana Allah mengkehendaki hambaNya berusaha.

Namun kalau mind set asyik percaya susu sikit, susu tak cukup, risau lebih tanpa berusaha, keturunan memang susu sikit, anak dulu pun susu sikit, ia akan menjadi doa.

-jika cuaca panas, susu foremilk yang cair akan lebih banyak dari hindmilk. Jadi, jangan gelabah.

-ada ibu yang productionnya jatuh apabila nak datang dan ketika period. Jika anda begitu, haruslah membuat bekalan spare untuk anak anda. Ada sesetengah ibu yang berjaya mengekalkan production dengan pengambilan kalsium tambahan ketika waktu ini.

-walaupun banyak pendapat yang berbeza namun tepuk dada tanya selera. Kalau xpercaya, pemakanan mempengaruhi susu ibu sila cuba sendiri. Mungkin anda berbeza dari orang lain.

-makanan yang berangin boleh membuatkan anak yang minum susu ibu mendapat kembung.
-makanan yang anak alergik, walaupun diambil oleh ibu, anak boleh mendapat kesannya.
-supplemen b complex boleh membuatkan susu ibu kelihatan lebih creamy kerana warnanya.
-supplemen milk booster seperti alfalfa, fenugreek, kucai, lobak
putih, kurma, longan boleh membanyakkan susu ibu
dengan syarat rutin mengepam tidak ditinggalkan. Ia sangat individualistic iaitu bergantung pada individu.

-ada ketikanya anak yang mengalami growth spurt memerlukan susu lebih banyak. Jika ibu sentiasa memberi, production susu boleh meningkat bersesuaian dengan keperluan anak.

-lekapan atau latching yang betul memastikan payudara diperah sepenuhnya. Jadi susu baru akan dihasilkan sepenuhnya juga. Jika tidak, susu masih berbaki dan susu baru akan terjejas. Lama kelamaan, production akan menurun. Ibu juga mungkin mengalami kesakitan kerana payudara bengkak.

-ketika mengandung, susu ibu mungkin menurun kerana hormon prolaktin yang terjejas dengan kenaikan hormon entrogen dan progestron. Jika mahu meneruskan penyusuan, sentiasa positif dan kekalkan rutin mengepam. Pastikan kesihatan ibu dan bayi yang dikandung menjadi keutamaan juga. Jika perlu, dapatkan supplemen untuk support kesihatan ibu.

All the best ya mommies!!! Dont ever give up!

credit - Ida 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Kenapa vitamin c shaklee berbanding jenama lain?

Saya dapat sms berbunyi "saya rasa vitamin c shaklee ni sama ja dengan vitamin c yang saya beli online."

Jawapannya, tidak sama jika vitamin yang anda beli itu adalah vitamin sintetik. Mengapa perlu pilih yang semulajadi seperti shaklee. Sebab ia sangat special, berkesan dan berbaloi. Sebiji vitamin c shaklee bersamaan 7 1/2 biji oren. Jadi, sangatlah berbaloikan.

Mengapa vitamin c shaklee special, lain dari yang lain dan berkesan?

Take a look for yourself at these pictures of vitamins called chromatograms.. You will see synthetic vitamins and Shaklee whole food based vitamins that have been created from organic food base and then manufactured at a low heat to maintain the enzymes. Enzymes are the life force that make chemical reactions happen. Have you ever cooked a potato and then planted it and it grew? Of course not. Then why do we expect dead vitamins to help us get healthier? The answer is you can not.
A chromatogram is an analytical technique, which identifies components of a solution by means of color absorbed by filter paper.

Lines of force and fluted edges found in the pattern of the natural substances are due to enzymes and enzyme activity. The more lines of force the more natural the substance. The important thing to remember is not only is it important where the material came from for the end product but just as important is how the material is processed. You cannot create a product full of enzymes if you take high heat and destroy the enzymes. Just like you cannot take a potato and boil it and then plant it and expect it to grow.

Lets take a look at the first picture. One is a natural C and a synthetic Vitamin C and Natural Orange Juice and a synthetic orange juice that you commonly see in the grocery store.

Now let take a look at Shaklee Vitamins that have been processed with low heat to maintain the enzymes
Is it any wonder that when people consitently use Shaklee nutritional products they get results?

Kesimpulannya, vitamin shaklee lebih menyerupai vitamin c asli. Kenapa? Sebab prosesnya telah berjaya memelihara enzim yang penting untuk tindak balas vitamin dengan badan. Malangnya, vitamin sintetik yang melibatkan haba panas telah menghapuskan enzim - enzim penting ini.

Oleh sebab tulah, vitamin c shaklee lebih mesra badan dan berkesan. Sekarang anda dah pasti kenapa perlu pilih shaklee?

credit - Ida

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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SMS - 0199517292
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